Photography, Videography and Graphical Art
Since the year 2001, we have had a passion of capturing God's beautiful creations! 

ABOUT EnThused Designs
EnThused Designs began in 1999 as a web design company for contracting its services to BP.  Since that time, many companies have used our services to create their  websites, both internal and external.  As time progressed, we realized that to build good web designs, you needed good photography, graphics and today, good videography.  John & Tim Warner are the owners of  the company. Tim has a Bachelors Degree from Texas Tech in Biology.  John has a Masters Degree in Mechanical Engineering  from The University of Texas at Austin.  Now… both are known as lifestyle photographers & videographers  Tim lives in the Houston area while his father John is  working in the Katy, Texas area. Both continue to travel the world photographing its beauty. 

As a photographer/videographer, we attempt to show our client's stories through images, both stationary and moving.  The best photos/videos happen when people are wrapped up in the moment, intoxicated by the experience, trusting and completely unaware of the camera. At that moment, inhibition and pretense disappear to reveal what is honest in all of us...and basic human nature shines through.
We encourage this experience by taking the time necessary to foster real connections with our clients.  At each event either of us attend, it is our goal to be an unscene storyteller, documenting the best moments of the day.  We attempt very hard to capture these moments!

 OUR COMPANY NAME - "EnThused Designs"
Please notice the spelling of our name: EnThused Designs.  It comes from the Greek word "En Theos," which means "In God."  John came upon the idea of naming the company this from one of the books he read by Dr. Norman Vincent Peale.  In this book Dr. Peale asked the reader to remember one of the happiest times of life.  He said that in those times you were enthused.  The word implies that this enthusiasm happened because God was in you and you were in Him!  We have experience such moments.  So, I decided to name my company "EnThused Designs."  Two reasons for my decision: first, the name would help us to remember who we really work for and then to do a good job;  in other words, be fair, and create the best that we can do.  Second reason for the name: it reminds me that there exists a beautiful world... even when we can't seem to see it! 
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