Photography Classes:

Want to learn how to shoot portraits?  Want to learn how to get crisp stop-action in sport photography?  We will be happy to share with you what we have learned over the years.  Most of the classes will be what some folks call "Photo Shoots."  I myself rather think of them as "Walkabouts".  Like a piano, you don't learn to play it unless you use it.  The camera is the same; you don't learn to use it UNLESS you USE IT!  I do these walk-abouts quite often.  Want to join me for a class of learning as we go?  I plan to learn more, and I bet you might be able to teach me a trick or two.   Know that through your photos you can tell a story.  Review some of the walk-abouts in the galleries below.


Class Room School - Your Camera

Learn all the in's and out's about your camera.  Learn about:


* LIGHT (the most important part of photos)
* Aperture,
* Time Value,
* F-stop,
* Posing, and
* Keeping focus on a moving target.

Or... you just tell us your interest and if we have the expertice in that area, we will share with you what we know. 


Photography Walkabouts: 

Take a stroll in the park or downtown Dallas or wherever with us and learn about light and how to use it with your camera.  You pick the place!  Then return to our studio and learn a few touch-up tips to make your photos stand-out!  Below are some past Walkabouts.  All my walkabouts are listed in the "Galleries" button at the top of this page.  Grab your camera, put on your walking shoes, and let's go!

 Walkabout - Downtown Dallas

Each day of the week, thousands upon thousands of people enter downtown Dallas.  But alas, all they see is the car in front of them or the red light that is slowing them down.  They look at their watch and wonder if they will make their appointment.

So, take a moment to enjoy the beauty that lives there too!



 Walkabout - Houston Zoo

God loves variety!  The zoo walkabout will prove that to you.  He likes big, He likes small.  He likes stripes, He likes dots. He likes blue, He likes black and on and on and on!

Your challege is to capture worthy photos of His designs.



 Walkabout - Sealy

Ever drive through a town where you do not know anyone and wonder... "What is this community all about?"

I did!  So I drove to Sealy.  Actually, Sealy was to be my 1st stop of the day amoung other more beautiful towns in the area.  But whoa,  I found beauty in Sealy and spent the entire day there shooting photos.

I even had a great Bar-B-Que lunch at a restaurant I had never visited and sat with a most enjoyable man that I had never met.  Beauty is everywhere.  You just have to look!


 Walkabout - Costa Rica

)ne year, I traveled to Costa Rica and the countryside was beyound belief.

Like Maui,  shown below, Costa Rica is a wonderland.  A walkabout of walkabouts.


 Walkabout - Maui

Now not everyone goes to Maui for a walkabout.  But, I was lucky.  My son won a free trip with his company for a week and asked his dad (that would be me) to go along.

As he attended his meetings, dad (the photographer) investigated the wonder and the beauty of this island.  Wow!


 Walkabout - San Miguel de Allende

For about 7 years, I taught English to Spanish speaking people that lived in Katy.  One of my students took the teacher to his hometown in Mexico (San Miguel).

For a week, we walked, rode bikes and I shot photos.  What really caught my attention were the unique doors of the homes and the way people would walk and spend time with each other in the town square each evening.  There was beauty in the architecture and the people!


 Walkabout - Marquez Peru

Since 1999, our church in Texas has sponsored a lovely church in Marquez, Peru.  Marquez is a suburb of Lima, Peru.  The terrain is very different from Maui or Costa Rica, but the people make the area one of the most beautiful and intriguing spots that I have visited.

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